Some Criticisms of Berardi

  1. Lacks systematization, his claims might as well lack any warranting to begin with. His book Futurability could be a book of aphorisms and it would have the same level of proofs.
  2. Mixes up consciousness with subjectivity, fails to establish a link (if there is one to begin with).
  3. With recent Scientific research, we have found that there now seems to be a correlation regarding political heritability (political inheritability being about 40%); there are also recent claims as to our lack of “rational” choice (it appears, according to recent studies, that we already act before we even consciously know we are going to act). In Berardi’s work there seems to be inefficient (if at all) dispelling of this — something of which is required for several premises of his to function.
  4. “And the American people are more intolerant than ever, more quick to hate” (36). Is it not possible to say the exact opposite is also happening (given his thinking regarding tendential forces)? Identity politics is on the forefront of “left”-liberal politics, tolerance is at an all-time high. The power relations behind this tolerance having clear racism implicit within it, this being seen in the very question: who gets to tolerate, and who gets to be the tolerated?




The first moment of identity is life, this of which requires self-reflexivity.

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Amar M. Deville

Amar M. Deville

The first moment of identity is life, this of which requires self-reflexivity.

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